SCM Extension API Developer's Guide

An Oracle9i JDeveloper Guide
March 2003



This guide describes how to use the SCM Extension API in Oracle9i JDeveloper to integrate a source code control system into the JDeveloper Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This involves writing your own extensions for JDeveloper and covers the 9.0.3 and 9.0.4 releases.

About the SCM Extension API

The SCM Extension API (called the 'SCM Framework' in this guide) is an extension of the JDeveloper Extension API. The SCM Framework provides JDeveloper's existing support for Oracle9i Software Configuration Manager (SCM), Rational ClearCase and the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). You can use this SCM Framework to integrate any other source code control system.

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About This Guide

This guide gives details of :


You may also want to refer to the JavaDoc for the JDeveloper Extension API and SCM Framework when reading this guide. You can find the JavaDoc in your JDeveloper installation as follows:

You need to extract each set of JavaDoc into different directories to view it correctly.

The guide assumes you already have some experience with the JDeveloper Extension API. If not, please see the JDeveloper online help and OTN pages for more information on how to use it.

Note: If you only want to integrate basic source code control functionality, you can use the class oracle.ide.scm.util.SCMSimpleClient instead of this full SCM Framework.

This single-class extension is an abstraction of the SCM Framework with inherited menus and logging. A complete example of the code used is included in the JavaDoc listed above.

However, if you want to integrate a source code control system more tightly, this class may prove inflexible and not give all the necessary functionality. In these cases, you should consider using the full SCM Framework described in this guide.

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About the ACME VCS Sample

This guide uses a sample source code control system, called 'Acme VCS', to help illustrate the information provided. This is a complete, working client, which compiles and runs in JDeveloper 9.0.3 or 9.0.4. Acme VCS may even be a useful starting point for your own client.

You can find all the code required for Acme VCS in the 'samplecode' folder (extracted from the file) and many of the examples in this guide reuse this code. There is also a JDeveloper workspace and project in this folder. You can modify and distribute this sample code as necessary.

If you prefer, you can view the code in HTML format instead.

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Contact Us

If you have any queries or feedback about this guide, the SCM Framework or JDeveloper, please post your comments to the Oracle9i JDeveloper OTN Discussion Forum. The JDeveloper Development Team monitor this forum regularly and will respond as soon as possible.

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